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  • What carder should I buy? Coarse, Medium, Fine?

Coarse 54-72 teeth per square inch, Medium: 72-90 teeth per square inch, which can be used for coarse and mid-range fibers such as Cheviot, Romney and adult Mohair. Useful for carding wool such as Border Leichester to get a deep batt. Fine: 90-120 teeth per square inch. For most finer fibers like Llama, Alpaca, and Cashmere.

We also offer Extra Coarse, and Extra Fine. (See our Products page for details).

  • Are the drums adjustable?

Yes, the drums have adjustable blocks that require only a screwdriver to adjust them.

  • Are the drums interchangeable?

We sell additional drums $190 for standard and stylish, $250 for deluxe and motorized (extra coarse, coarse, medium, fine and extra fine) that you can easily switch depending on the fiber you are working with.

  • What is the ratio on the carder?

4.5 to 1 on the drums.

  • Do you carry clamps for the drum carders?

Yes we do (See our Buy a Product page), and we do have rubber non skid feet on all of our carders so they don't slide around. Any C clamp will also work. Note: Motorized carders do not require clamps.

  • Are manual carders upgradeable to motorized?

Our deluxe carders are upgradeable. Though the standard and stylish carder are not, but you can trade yours in for a motorized. Contact us for details.



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