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High Quality Built Drum Carders Hand Made In the U.S.!      

We have two motorized models and six manual models including a Mini "Baby Brother" drum carder, a NEW Deluxe Baby drum carder, a Standard drum carder, a Stylish drum carder, a Deluxe drum carder and a Large Deluxe drum carder in right or left handed including a Packer Brush Attachment. Additional drums can be purchased which allows you to card all types of fleece and wool on one Carder. The drums can be easily switched out, a screwdriver is the only tool required. We have 5 different tpi (teeth per inch) cloth types to chose from: extra fine (190tpi), fine (120tpi), medium (90tpi), coarse (72tpi), and extra coarse (54tpi). The motorized Carders, "Little Brother" produces a 9" x 22" batt and "Big Brother" produces a 9"x 39" batt. The Deluxe Manual Carder, produces a 9"x22" batt and the Large Deluxe Manual carder produces a 9" x 39" inch batt. A brush attachment is also included. They have a tray under the large drum that slides out which will catch all and any debris. It has a clear finish on the solid oak frame. The "Baby Brother" mini size manual carder is 4" wide and a 7" diameter with a 5:1 ratio and comes in one cloth type approx.72tpi. The batts are 5" x 22". The motor(s) (on the Motorized carders) are quiet yet powerful and are a direct drive motor, this means no belts to wear out on it. Variable speed with forward/reverse for easy batt removal. It has a 5 to 1 ratio between drums. 
We also can replace carding cloth and repair hand carders and drum carders. See our Carder Repair page.

30 DAY RISK FREE! If you are not satisfied with your carder simply return it for a refund minus all shipping costs. Also we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the construction of your carder to the original owner.

You may contact us anytime at 503-480-4886 or e-mail: info@brotherdrumcarder.com



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  We take no responsibility for injury occurring by using a carder, or misuse, you must use any of the carders in a proper and safe manner.