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Brother Rover

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  • The Brother Rover, also known as Paula‚Äôs Rover.
  • This is the model that Patrick Green, the engineer/designer of amazing cottage industry mill equipment made for his wife, Paula. After the acquisition, we soon were producing these machines with some added features and options.
  • The Rover is the only tabletop sized Carder on the market that produces beautiful continuous roving.
  • With the cost being only a fraction of a large mill sized Carder and having a small footprint, this machine is perfect for a production spinner or for a sheep raiser to market wools.
  • As the machine is easy and quick to clean, it is also an ideal machine for mills to run smaller batches and test blends of colors.
  • Rover Features:
  • Automatic bump winder which makes a convenient center-pull ball of up to 6 ounces, or let the roving fall into the drum.
  • Variable speed control for optimal carding.
  • Only requires 110v standard plug.
  • Clear safety guards allow for operator to monitor fibers being processed.
  • Emergency stops/shutoffs for safety.
  • Optional In-Feed Conveyer Belt and Ionizing Bars available.
  • Specifications:
  • Will process up to 5 pounds per hour, depending on the fiber.
  • Minimum fiber length, 3 inches. This carder just loves longer wools.
  • Two dyed wools can be fed side-by-side for a delightful, two-color ribbon of wool.
  • Rover dimensions: 64" long, 22" wide, 24" tall, weighs approximately 250 lbs.
  • 1/2 Hp variable speed motor, wired for 110 volts, with switch on each end of machine.

    Pictured BELOW with optional conveyor belt and ionizing bars. Contact us for more details.
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    (image for) Brother Rover

    Brother Rover

    Makes continuous rovings for a production spinner or for a sheep raiser to market the choicest wools. Feed good quality picked wool for a lovely,...

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    (image for) Brother Rover Conveyor Belt

    Brother Rover Conveyor Belt

    OPTIONAL - Brother Rover Conveyor Belt

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    (image for) Brother Rover Ionizing Bar

    Brother Rover Ionizing Bar

    OPTIONAL - Brother Rover Ionizing Bar

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    (image for) Fine cloth for Rover

    Fine cloth for Rover

    OPTIONAL- Fine cloth for Rover handles finer fibers (and coarser fibers as well). Makes a smoother, consistent roving.

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