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FAQs Page

Frequently Asked Questions:

What carder should I buy? Extra Coarse, Coarse, Medium, Fine or Extra Fine?

Extra Coarse: 54 teeth per square inch, used mainly for felting. Coarse: 54-72 teeth per square inch, Medium: 72-90 teeth per square inch, which can be used for coarse and mid-range fibers such as Cheviot, Romney and adult Mohair. Useful for carding wool such as Border Leichester to get a deep batt. Fine: 90-120 teeth per square inch. For most finer fibers like Llama, Alpaca, and Cashmere. Extra Fine: 190 teeth per square inch, can be used for very fine fiber like Angora bunny. Some people prefer the coarse carder for all of their carding needs while others prefer the fine. It is a matter of preference to most. Some fibers tend to get caught up in the licker (small drum) with the fine cloth but this is normal and after it builds up so much it will transfer more to the swift. You will get a smoother batt quicker with the fine but with the coarse it will take a few more passes to get the smoother results.

Are the drums adjustable?

Yes, the drums have adjustable blocks that require only a screwdriver to adjust them.

Are the drums interchangeable?

We sell additional drums $190 for standard and stylish, $250 for deluxe and motorized (extra coarse, coarse, medium, fine and extra fine) that you can easily switch depending on the fiber you are working with.

What is the ratio on the carder?

4.5 to 1 on the drums.

Do you carry clamps for the drum carders?

Yes we do (See our Accessories & Spare Parts page), and we do have rubber non skid feet on all of our carders so they don't slide around. Any C clamp will also work. Note: Motorized carders do not require clamps.

Are manual carders upgradeable to motorized?

Our deluxe carders are upgradeable. Though the standard and stylish carder are not, but you can trade yours in for a motorized. Contact us for details.

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