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Welcome To Brother Drum Carder - Your Number One Source For All Things Drum Carders. Made in the USA!

We have the widest selection of drum carders and the lowest prices in the world and we ship anywhere in the U.S. and globally on all of our products! We use the highest quality carding cloth on all of our drum carders and blending boards. We manufacture all of our products in the USA. We usually ship all orders out within 3-5 business days (if we are busy it can be over 3 weeks on some orders). We have many happy, satisfied customers and we are confident you will be too. You have the option to buy the carder itself, each individual accessory or you can buy our kits that include all accessories. All our manual crank carders have a 5 to 1 carding ratio and are belt driven. Our Standard model is affordable yet offers a full size 8" x 22" batt and has the options of adding our whole line of accessories. The Deluxe model is made of finished oak wood and produces a 8" x 22" batt and comes with brush attachment, clamp and doffer. Our Small Motorized "Little Brother" is a popular seller. It comes with all accessories and is small enough to carry around and offers a hands free operation with a 5 to 1 carding ratio. It produces a 8" x 22" batt. Our Baby Standard and Baby Deluxe are 4" wide carders that only come in 72tpi cloth that is specially designed for a variety of fibers, perfect for the the one with a small budget yet wants versatility and a compact drum carder.

Our Large Motorized "Big Brother" produces a 8" x 39" batt and has two motors for a infinite carding ratio and does not have any belts on the machine. Our Extra-Wide Large Motorized-Carder produces a huge 18" x 39" batt and has a extra powerful motor on the large drum that can easily handle any big carding job.

Our Supercard Carder is designed for the fiber perfectionist; cards all fibers. Industrial quality carding cloth. Different cloth on each drum, a worker/stripper combination. Roveguide System to unwind a 25 ft. roving direct from drum. Two motors for control of drum ratio and feed speed. Cards your well-prepared fibers perfectly in one pass. Its "worker" drum impressively doubles the carding action. Complete versatility without changing drums or pulleys. Instruction book with helpful carding tips. Safety lockout. Ball bearings on all shaft ends. Unique completely variable infeed section. Carding ratio from 80:1 to 500:1. Change carding ratio by turning a dial. Draws only 2 amps so is suitable for solar power.

Our Swinging Wool Picker is the Cadillac of all Swinging Wool Pickers. This is the perfect fiber-preparation tool to tease, open and blend fibers to prepare them for carding. Carding unteased fibers can damage both the fibers and the carder teeth. Infinitely faster and more thorough than hand teasing. Impressive density of picker teeth - over 620. Effortless, swinging on sealed ball bearings. Picked fibers often spinnable without carding. Sturdy and attractive Oak frame. Shipped fully assembled. Size 24" long, 24" high, 12" wide, weight 28 lbs. Table clamps for stability while using. Full directions for use. Security locking device, with padlock supplied. Now with Stainless steel upper cradle arms and shaft. They can be very dangerous and must be treated with respect, please understand that before ordering.

Our Brother Rover Carder makes continuous rovings for a production spinner or for a sheep raiser to market the choicest wools. Feed good quality picked wool for a lovely, well firmed roving that comes with a automatic bump winder which makes it convenient center-pull ball of up to 6 ounces. Two dyed wools can be fed side-by-side for a delightful, two-color ribbon of wool. Will process up to 5 pounds per hour, depending on the fiber. Minimum fiber length, 3 inches. This carder just loves longer wools. The Brother rover is 64” inches long, 22” inches wide, 24” inches tall, weighs about 250 pounds. 1/2 HP variable speed motor, wired for 110 volts, with switch on each end of machine. Watch our Brother Rover videos on YouTube Here.

Our Brother Cottage Carder was developed by Patrick Green over 40 years ago to fill the gap between the Paula’s Rover and the large Jumbo Carder. This carder is great for roving and batts. This compact machine is perfect to fit in your garage or shop and make you quick continuous roving and soft beautiful batts. We recommend you have your equipment in an environment controlled room. This helps with static. Machine is quick and easy to clean. Brother has added some new features - Roving deck, variable speed motor, static control bars, clear polycarbonate safety guards, and emergency stops. Brother Cottage Carder dimensions are 70” long, 30” wide and 54” tall. Weighs 420 pounds. Uses a standard 115v plug. Watch our Cottage Carder videos on YouTube Here.

Our Brother ULTRA Power Picker can pick (tease) large amounts of wool in a short period of time. It prepares the wool for a better carding process. Unteased (unpicked) wool does not card well. It can process around 15-20 pounds per hour. Makes short work of your picking projects. Has a 5 foot (60”) speed controlled infeed belt. Very quiet. Fully equipped with safety sensors and emergency stops. We recommend a minimum 6x6x6 room with 600cfm fan. Uses a standard 115V plug. This is a dangerous power tool and great caution must be used when operating machine. Watch our Power Picker videos on YouTube Here.

Our Supercard XL Four Drum Carder is a replica of the Patrick Green Elsa card. This motorized drum carder is the Supercard’s big brother - larger and faster, with the same excellence of carding as the Supercard. Patrick Green claimed that it carded even better than the Supercard. Makes a massive 18” wide 60” long batt! 4 drums for excellent carding in one pass. 2 motors, one for the swift drum and one for the licker in drums and worker drum. Large infeed table. Uses a standard 115V plug. Footprint is 32”x32” weighs approximately 200 pounds. Overall dimensions including infeed table 54” long 45” wide. About 25” tall.

Our NEW Brother JUMBO Carder has the capability to produce at a high volume-Roving, Corespun rug yarn and Batts. 3 Independent motors- The carder has separate speed controls for the Infeed Conveyor Belt and for the entire machine giving operator full control. All the (optional) attachments are on carts with locking wheels with our quick attach setup. Conveyor comes stock with a 60” inch long belt length, but available up to 96" inch long. Approximately 800 pounds. Overall carder is 100" long, 48" wide and 72" tall. Vacuum system. Only requires standard 110volt plug. Emergency safety stops. 4 sets of worker/stripper drums. Spin gun and cleaning brushes included. Our Jumbo carder can process superfine wools and fibers such as 100 percent Suri alpaca, Angora rabbit, Merino, as well as coarser wools. We recommend joining this Jumbo carder with our power picker for large volume production.

Our Spinner Cleaner for cleaning fiber equipment is a must tool for anyone with Fiber and Wool equipment. The 24" rod allows you to easily reach those tight difficult areas around shafts and bearings. No batteries or power needed, simply squeezing the trigger will cause the spring loaded tip to spin which will snag fibers and wrap up on itself. Spare tip included.

We are now offering a NEW Package Deal comprised of our Brother Rover, Brother Power Picker and SuperCard XL an $1,800 Savings! Check it out Here.

We do offer Additional Drums for our carders that are easily swapped out with a screwdriver.

We can replace carding cloth and repair hand carders and drum carders. See our Carder Repair page.

30 DAY RISK FREE! If you are not satisfied with your carder simply return it for a refund minus all shipping costs. Also we offer a limited lifetime warranty on the construction of your carder to the original owner.

You may contact us anytime at 503-480-4886 or use our SSL Secure Contact Form.

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