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Xtra Wide Large Motorized Carder

-Large 12 1/2" diameter drum produces a huge 18x39" inch batt.

-Brush attachment, doffer, large and small flickers and instruction manual included.

-This is our largest electric motorized carder. It has two motors for infinite carding ratio and a extra powerful motor on the large drum that easily can handle big carding jobs.

-Frame is built with solid oak and has a clear finish.

-It is 26" long 28" wide and total height is 15" and weighs 52 pounds.

-Only has one cord and it uses a standard 120volt plug outlet.

-Convenient easy slide out tray for catching any debris that falls under the carder.

-The teeth on our cloth are made of a hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its longevity and uniformity and they are 1/2" long.

-Maintenance free.

-Comes completely assembled.

-Additional drums can be purchased which allow you to card all types of fleece and wool on one carder. The drums can be easily switched out.



Item Name Price-

Extra Wide Large Motorized Carder 54tpi



Extra Wide Large Motorized Carder 72tpi



Extra Wide Large Motorized Carder 90tpi



Extra Wide Large Motorized Carder 120tpi



Extra Wide Large Motorized Carder 190tpi





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