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After eyeballing drum carders for a couple months, I decided to buy one from Brother Drum Carder. Mainly because of the price but also because of the high tpi they offer, since I am planning to work mostly with Alpaca and Silk. Well, I got mine just a few days ago and I am more than happy with it! The drum carder is very well built and the batt it produces is a dream to spin with. But, I also want to point out the fantastic communication and the lightning fast shipment. It was a true pleasure to deal with Brother Drum Carder for me and I highly recommend them. If you are looking for an affordable, high quality drum carder go there and you’ll get outstanding good customer service as well!
Have a great day!
Karin -- OR

I just purchased the new motorized version which has a doffer and a packing brush, is finished and is a carding dream! I have been doing some custom carding and spinning of prized Newfoundland (Chiengora) difficult challenge. Hardest part was getting it carded and blended correctly. My shoulder and arm was nearly out of use from cranking my old carder! Now, my batts are beautifully blended with only 2 passes and it spins like a dream. I would not hesitate to purchase this motorized carder. If you have thought about a motorized carder, this one is for you. Relatively inexpensive and made of beautiful oak with a lovely finish to it. Is there anything I don’t like about it? NO!
Linda -- WA

I am in spinner's heaven!
First off. I ordered your drum carder on Saturday and it arrived Monday afternoon. Sadly, I missed Barb, the post lady and so had to wait until morning to pick it up at the Post Office. I missed her by minutes! I could have been fondling it all Monday evening had I not been off somewhere, doing something when Barb came!
Come 9:00 a.m. on the tick Tuesday morning, had your carder in my grippers! By noon, the back half of a Shetland fleece I've been slowly carding with paddles, was completely carded and in rolls! I just can't believe how much wool can be carded in one fell swoop! Amazing!
The carder is made very nicely, and the drums adjust so easily; making for a very happy camper!
Laura -- WA

I am so happy with my carder! Especially the interchangeable drums that are easy to change! Excellent quality!
Maryanne -- WI

Got the carder today! I LOVE it. It's perfect, and just what I wanted. Very well put together and works great.
Rachel -- LA

I received the drum carder and have found it easy to use. I will pass your website and name along to my friends. Thanks,
Lu -- CA

I have not found a carder even close to this quality and price! Thank you so much for the help! I love my carder!
Kathy -- MI

I was surprised at the quality and size of the carder! Thank you so much for the excellent service!
Jamie -- WA

I love my Carder soo much!!! Thank all of you wonderful people for creating it!!!
Jenni -- UT

Fast shipping! I received my carder within 3 days of placing my order. Well built!
Karl -- ID

I purchased a Brother drum carder on December 7th. It was shipped out the very next day. However, the post office "misplaced" my package. It was never scanned any farther than the local post office. We waited until the predicted delivery date came and went. Now worried, I contacted Gabriel, who was very helpful and reassuring. Time passed and still nothing from the post office. It was the Christmas season and delays could be expected is what the post office told me. On December 21st, I called Grace in a panic as this was my mother-in-law's only gift. Even though they had absolutely no idea about what type of person I am, they trusted me enough to send me another drum carder, at no charge to me other than the overnight shipping. However, I did not have access to a computer to send shipping before that day's mail went out. But they sent my package anyway, yet again placing their trust in me that I would follow thru with payment. No other company out there would trust a complete stranger on their word that they had not received the item much less send the another without having full payment before hand. The other drum carder did finally show up, after the first of the year. We sent it back to Gabriel and Grace. We were willing to pay the return shipping to get them their item back but they spoke with their local post office and got them to waive the return shipping for the delay. As to the quality of the carder, it is wonderful. Amazing price as well. A Brother drum carder will meet the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship as all the other carders that are double and even triple the price.
Melissa -- TN

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