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Brother Rover

Makes continuous rovings for a production spinner or for a sheep raiser to market the choicest wools. Feed good quality picked wool for a lovely,...

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Brother Cottage Carder

The Brother Cottage Carder was developed by Patrick Green over 40 years ago to fill the gap between the Paula’s Rover and the large Jumbo Carder....

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Brother ULTRA Power Picker

Adequate fiber preparation is the real secret of successful carding. This including picking (opening) and pre-conditioning prior to carding. Blending...

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Supercard XL Four Drum Carder

This is a replica of the Patrick Green Elsa card. This motorized drum carder is the Supercard’s big brother - larger and faster, with the same...

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Package Deal

Package deal of Brother Rover, Brother Power Picker and Brother SuperCard. (Brother Rover shown with Optional Conveyor Belt). Brother Power Picker...

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Swinging Wool Triple Picker

This is the Cadillac of all swinging wool pickers. This is the perfect fiber-preparation tool to tease, open and blend fibers to prepare them for...

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Brother Supercard

Brother Supercard. Pat Green Supercard replica. These were built with the permission of Pat Green carders. The overall dimensions of the Supercard...

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Spinner Cleaning Tool

This Tool is a must for anyone with Fiber and Wool equipment. The 24" rod allows you to easily reach those tight difficult areas around shafts and...

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This is our Diz that we offer with our Supercard. It is also a replica of the Patrick Green diz. Curved with 3 different size slots. You can watch...

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