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Large Motorized Carder

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  • The Large Motorized "Big Brother" produces a huge 9x39" batt and has TWO variable speed motors, giving you infinite carding ratio.
  • Features:
  • Interchangeable drums for carding all types of wool and fiber.
  • Both Motors are protected in a stainless steel bracket and never come in contact with any fiber. Engineered direct drive means there are no belts on the machine to ever wear out. Motors are adjusted with a knob and have forward/reverse.
  • Packer Brush Attachment, large and small Flicker/Cleaning Brushes, Awl for removing batts included.
  • Convenient slide out tray under carder for clean out.
  • Comes completely assembled and ready to card.
  • Frame is built with solid oak and finished using our dipping process. It is 24" long, 20" wide and total height is 15".and weighs 40lbs.
  • The teeth on our cloth are 1/2" long for thick batts and made of a hardened and highly tempered steel wire that is remarkable for its longevity and uniformity.
  • Handmade in USA.
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all of our carders.
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