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Blending Boards

Brother Blending Boards! Deluxe blending board is of oak plywood and all wood pieces are finished. Comes with 2 flicker brushes, one for burnishing fiber onto board and other for cleaning, two oak dowels, paint brush and adjustable keel. Standard blending board comes unfinished and comes with one flicker brush for burnishing fiber onto board, two dowels, paint brush and adjustable keel. All of our Blending Boards have a convenient carrying handle. Boards weigh less than 4 lbs. Cloth on boards are 12"x12" and we use special blending board cloth not regular carding cloth.

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Deluxe Blending Board

Deluxe Blending Board is all made of oak plywood with oak dowels and all wood is finished. Comes with adjustable keel, 2 dowels, paint brush,...


Blending Board

Brother Blending Board! Comes with adjustable Keel, 2 Dowels, Flicker brush, Paint brush and instructions. Has a convenient carrying handle. Board...




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