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Brother Cottage Carder

  • Manufactured by: Brother Drum Carder


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The Brother Cottage Carder was developed by Patrick Green over 40 years ago to fill the gap between the Paula’s Rover and the large Jumbo Carder.
This carder is great for roving and batts. This compact machine is perfect to fit in your garage or shop and make you quick continuous roving and soft beautiful batts.
We recommend you have your equipment in an environment controlled room. This helps with static.
Machine is quick and easy to clean.

Brother has added some new features - Roving deck, variable speed motor, static control bars, clear polycarbonate safety guards, and emergency stops.

Batt production is about 10 pounds per hour.
Makes 72” long x 16” wide batts.
Roving production is about 6-8 pounds per hour or 1200 feet per hour.

To see videos of this in action, check out our Facebook and Instagram.

We can add the following options:
Bump winder. This is great for collecting the roving into a nice compact center pull roll.
We also offer ionizing anti static bars. Static can be problematic. These anti static bars help reduce static.
If you are using this machine for specific purposes, as in just batts or just roving, contact us and we possibly can save you money by eliminating the unneeded features.
Or if you want a specific conveyor belt length, width, or height, or we can add wheels/casters on the machine, we can build/adjust to your specifications.
Contact us for pricing.

Before purchasing, you can send us your fibers to get tested before buying. Send to us, we will test and send back your results or video the process and send you instant feedback.

Brother Cottage Carder dimensions 70” long, 30” wide and 54” tall. Weighs 420 pounds.
Uses a standard 115v plug.

$19,500 starting price.
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