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Brother ULTRA Power Picker

(image for) Brother ULTRA Power Picker
Brother ULTRA Power Picker
  • Manufactured by: Brother Drum Carder


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Adequate fiber preparation is the real secret of successful carding. This including picking (opening) and pre-conditioning prior to carding.
Blending colors and combining different fibers types are also accomplished with the Picker.
Our Power Picker can pick (tease) large amounts of wool in a short period of time. It will save much time and greatly improve carding results, many spinners will even spin straight from the Picker.
Can process around 15-20 pounds per hour.
A 60” Speed Controlled Infeed Conveyer Belt to move the Fiber to the Infeed Rollers which meter it into the Picker Rotor. The smooth picker points combined with the airflow gently open your Fibers.
Fully equipped with Safety Sensors and Emergency stops. Clear polycarbonate sides for safety and allow operator a clear view of the fibers being processed.
We recommend a minimum 6x6x6 room with 600cfm fan.
Uses a standard 115V plug.
Weighs 300lbs.
91" long, 29" wide, 57" tall.
Pictured is our prototype. This is a dangerous power tool and great caution must be used when operating machine.
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